LBP Review Application

1INTRO aims to enhance the security and reliability of Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs) through a meticulous review process conducted by expert reviewers. Reviewed LBPs provide users with a higher level of trust and assurance, as these pools undergo thorough assessments to prevent malicious activities.

Reviewed LBP Application

To apply for LBP review, please complete the application form on Contact Page. Submitted forms are automatically forwarded to the 1INTRO team and the reviewers.

1INTRO team and the Reviewers aim to respond within approximately 72 hours of submission. If there is no response within this timeframe, please get in touch with the 1INTRO team on our Telegram group chat.

Projects are encouraged to apply for review at least one week before their LBP event to allow sufficient time for the review process.

Reviewer List


SparkDigitalCapital is a research-focused crypto fund that invests in the future of blockchain and tech.

1INTRO Internal Reviewer

During the initial stage of 1LBP, 1INTRO also implements the internal review process, involving dedicated reviewers to ensure thorough and accurate verification of the LBPs. This measure is aimed at maintaining high standards and building trust within the platform.

More reviewer collaborations are in progress and will be announced soon.

LBP Review Criteria

1INTRO is dedicated to the core principles of web3, emphasizing transparency and the development of decentralized communities. To be included in our curated list, projects must meet several updated standards.

  • Projects should support a minimum amount of their token supply available during the LBP to ensure token sales and also have at least three months of ongoing development and active community engagement to demonstrate development duration.

  • Additionally, a robust social media presence for a minimum of one month is required, indicating active engagement with the community.

  • Active community involvement and support are crucial, highlighting the importance of community engagement. A strong commitment to the security of funds and community members is also vital, demonstrating a focus on security.

  • Lastly, projects must have a clear, long-term strategic plan to ensure they have a well-defined vision for future development.

These criteria ensure that projects listed on 1INTRO are well-positioned for growth, transparency, and long-term success within the web3 ecosystem.

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