At the forefront of the constantly changing crypto landscape, 1INTRO redefines the finance ecosystem on Solana with a smart platform that uses AI to improve Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP), DEX, and token deployment, elevating both the user experience and operational efficiency. By significantly refining and streamlining our services, AI ensures that our users enjoy a smooth, enlightening, and secure journey.

1DEX - Elevate your trading

1DEX, our flagship crypto swap platform, leverages AI to transform the trading experience.

  • Through innovative AMM algorithms driven by AI, 1DEX provides users with predictive market insights, enabling smarter trading decisions.

  • AI's role extends to optimizing liquidity management, reducing slippage, and refining routing strategies to ensure the best possible trades.

  • AI-driven customer support and operations streamline user interactions, making trading more user-friendly.

1LBP - Bringing fairness to Solana

Our 1LBP platform introduces a novel approach to launching projects and bootstrapping liquidity.

  • Integrating AI, 1INTRO enhances the verification process for new projects, ensuring fairness, transparency, and security from the outset.

  • The AI simplifies and streamlines the LBP creation process, making it more accessible and reliable.

  • 1INTRO compiles past LBP performance data and uses deep learning to enhance LBP simulations, helping LBP creators set optimal parameters and achieve their liquidity goals.

1DEPLOY - Become a developer without any coding experience

1DEPLOY reimagines token creation with its no-code approach, empowered by the intelligence of AI.

  • By automating and simplifying complex aspects of token deployment, AI enables our users to focus on innovation and creativity. Lock liquidity, burn LP, renounce ownership, and add advanced token contract features without any coding knowledge.

  • Our AI-driven platform also includes features for testing token mechanics.

  • AI facilitates personalized guidance for users, suggesting improvements and optimizations based on successful token deployment.

For more details about 1INTRO, please refer to our official deck.

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