LBP Creation

Please adhere to the following detailed guide for initiating an LBP.

Step 1: Navigate to "LBP"

Navigate to and click "LBPs" to direct to the LBP platform page.

Step 2: Connect and Create

Connect your wallet used for creating the LBP and click the "Create LBP" button.

Step 3: Project Basics

Upload the information of the project including name, description, and website link.

Step 4: Media Channels

Supply official links to the project's social and community including Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Step 5: Token Details

  • Enter a valid token address.

  • Upload an image file representing your project's token logo.

  • Upload an image file for the LBP preview banner.

Token Logo Image: The size should be at least 100px x 100px.

Banner Image: The size should be at least 400px x 200px.

Step 6: Select Sales Type

Step 7: LBP Parameters

  • Quantities: Specify your token distribution quantity, select a collateral token (USDC/USDT/SOL/...), and input the collateral token amount as initial liquidity for purchases.

When setting up the amount of collateral tokens, the value of collateral tokens must be $10,000 or more.

  • Weights: Adjust your token's initial high weight and lower ending weight to manage price decay.

  • Duration: Set the LBP's start and end dates/times, determining the purchase window.

  • Swap Fee & Preview: Configure the swap fee and review the Price Discovery Preview Graphic to assess the price path.

  • Start Time & End Time: The start time and end time settings correspond to the users' local browser time zones. Please ensure that these settings align with the planned LBP schedule.

Step 8: Review the Summary

Step 9: Acknowledge Terms and Conditions

Step 10: Confirm Transactions

  • You need to confirm 3 times.

  • Please stay on the page until all steps are completed.

  • Due to congestion on the Solana network, 1INTRO may adjust the priority fee to ensure the successful creation of the LBP.

The LBP will be live after the transactions are confirmed.

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