LBP Participation

Please adhere to the following detailed guide for participating in an LBP.

Step 1: Connect Wallet

Navigate to and connect your wallet used for joining the LBP.

Step 2: LBP Explore

Step 3: Buy/Sell

  • Upon choosing the LBP you're interested in, the screen display will vary depending on whether the LBP is upcoming, ongoing, or completed.

  • Based on the trading data and project details presented on the LBP page, you can then make an informed decision to purchase or not.

Please be aware that the actual tokens corresponding to your purchase can only be withdrawn after the LBP has concluded. During the LBP, the tokens you buy serve as proof tokens.

Step 4: Redeem Tokens After LBP Ends

  • Only upon the LBP's conclusion, you can claim your tokens.

  • By activating the redemption function, the tokens will be transferred directly to your wallet.

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