What is 1LBP?

1LBP is a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) platform, representing an innovative method that employs a descending price strategy, reminiscent of a Dutch Auction, where initial prices are set high and gradually decrease over time. This pricing strategy is intentionally selected to counteract potential disruptions from sniper bots and large-scale investors' dominance. It allows for a community-centric approach to price discovery, enabling buyers to acquire tokens at a price they deem fair.

Our AI-powered LBP platform enhances project launches and liquidity bootstrapping, making the process more streamlined, more predictable, and tailored for optimal liquidity outcomes.


  • Project Basics: A brief description of the project's objectives, team, and roadmap to give participants a clear understanding of its foundation and direction.

  • Project Token Details & Distribution: An outline of the token's supply, allocation, and distribution strategy, explaining how it supports the project's ecosystem.

  • Project Marketing Campaigns: Highlights the strategies employed to promote the project and engage potential investors and users.

  • Project Media Channels: Links and information on the project's social media channels and community platforms for real-time updates and discussions.

  • Clear Pricing Discovery: A mechanism within the LBP that ensures transparent and fair price discovery for the token.

  • Token Swap & Redeem: Details on how participants can exchange and redeem tokens, facilitating liquidity and access to the project's offerings.

Reviewed vs Unreviewed LBPs

1LBP is designed to be a fully permissionless platform, allowing anyone to create a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP). However, we distinguish between two types of LBPs: reviewed and unreviewed.

Reviewed LBPs

1LBP supports reviewers in carefully reviewing LBPs, ensuring enhanced security and trust. This rigorous process includes comprehensive checks and assessments to prevent malicious activities and protect LBP participants. Reviewed LBPs provide users with a safer and more reliable option for engaging in the ecosystem.

Unreviewed LBPs

Unreviewed LBPs are those that have not undergone the reviewers' review process. These pools are created directly by users without any initial oversight. While this permissionless nature supports innovation and accessibility, it also comes with higher risks. Participants should exercise caution and conduct their own research before engaging with unreviewed LBPs, as 1INTRO does not endorse or guarantee the safety of these pools.

Reviewer System

After the successful implementation and operation of several reviewed LBPs, we have introduced a reviewer system. This system will allow individuals and institutions to apply to become curators. Reviewers will play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the platform by reviewing new LBPs. In return, they will receive a portion of the trading fees and total fees generated by the LBPs they oversee.

  • Reviewers are independent experts who scrutinize and approve reviewed LBPs, ensuring they comply with high security and quality standards. This enhances the transparency and reliability of reviewed projects.

  • As part of their compensation, reviewers are expected to receive a portion of fees generated from the LBPs by offering support to the projects they review.

  • Reviewers who do not adhere to review standards may be removed by 1INTRO.

By implementing these measures, 1INTRO aims to foster a secure, transparent, and thriving environment for all participants in the decentralized ecosystem.

Normal LBP vs Capped LBP

The Capped LBP introduces a significant enhancement to the traditional LBP format by incorporating a fundraising cap. Once this predefined cap is reached, the LBP automatically concludes. This mechanism is designed to protect the market value and maintain investor enthusiasm by preventing the dilution effect that can occur in secondary markets.

Key Advantages of Capped LBP:

  • Sustainable Trading Environment: By limiting the total funds raised, Capped LBP ensures a more sustainable and stable trading environment post-launch.

  • Enhanced Market Protection: It prevents oversaturation of the market, ensuring that token prices are not depressed by excessive initial supply setting.

  • Focused Investor Engagement: With a cap in place, investors are motivated to participate early, knowing that the opportunity is limited, which can lead to a more vigorous and engaged initial funding phase.

Capped LBP retains the benefits of flexibility and fairness in price discovery inherent in the Normal LBP, while adding an extra layer of market stability and investor confidence.

LBP Advantages

Permissionless LBP Launch

A standout feature of LBPs is their permissionless launch capability, which significantly empowers early-stage project teams by connecting them directly with the entire spectrum of Web3 investors without any restrictions. This aspect democratizes the launch process, ensuring that innovators can freely introduce their tokens to the market, opening up the ecosystem to a broader range of projects and investors, and fostering a more inclusive and dynamic Web3 community.

Fair Distribution of Tokens

Designed to ensure a more equitable allocation of tokens, LBPs differentiate themselves from traditional launch platforms. By implementing a systematic and clear pricing approach, LBPs facilitate wider participation in the launch phase. This approach guarantees that the distribution of tokens is based on equitable participation opportunities, not just on the timing of purchase or the amount invested, thereby promoting inclusivity.

Unique Pricing Discovery

LBPs are acclaimed for their flexible pricing discovery system, drawing inspiration from Dutch Auctions, in which the price of tokens progressively drops from an initially high level, dynamically modifying prices to support a fair and transparent phase for price discovery.

Counteracting Market Manipulation Tactics

The distinct pricing path and mechanism for adjusting token weights in LBPs act as a countermeasure against the strategies of sniper bots and nefarious players aiming for rapid gains from fresh token launches.

Community Empowerment

LBPs not only offer a platform for projects to connect with their supporting communities but also foster a mutual support and appreciation ecosystem. LBPs empower community members to generate buzz and voice their opinions on all projects within the LBP, as well as facilitate interactions with other community members. This ensures that users feel a strong sense of participation and engagement, fully enhancing the communal experience and ensuring active involvement in the growth and success of projects.

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