1DEX is in the beta stage, supporting limited token trades and not yet offering liquidity pool creation. Stay tuned.

1DEX goes beyond typical functionalities like token trading and liquidity provision, blending a user-friendly interface with AI-driven tools and innovative AMM algorithms. It seamlessly integrates with our LBP platform, enabling automatic liquidity shifting and the initiation of trading pairs as soon as an LBP concludes, facilitating a smooth transition to token trading for users. Our roadmap also involves expanding AMM functionalities through AI integration, aiming to refine slippage settings, enhance routing strategies, and extend AI's utilization in customer support and operational aspects.

As the first AMM on Solana to implement the weighted pools mechanism, 1DEX offers more flexibility in liquidity management. We are committed to introducing more innovative AMM algorithms and leveraging AI to provide smarter trading assistance, continually enhancing the trading experience on 1INTRO.

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