Our roadmap outlines the strategic developments planned for 1INTRO, focusing on enhancing platform security, functionality, and ecosystem collaboration.

Phase Genesis: Establishing the Foundation

  • Launch of 1DEX Beta Version: Unveiling the initial, user-friendly interface with basic trading functions to gather user feedback and refine features.

  • Introduction of 1LBP Platform: Initiating our Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) platform to set the stage for fair and transparent token launches.

  • First LBP INTRO token: Kickstarting our ecosystem with the launch of our own token, demonstrating our commitment and rewarding our community.

Phase Artemis: Expanding the Landscape

  • AI-Enhanced User Support: Launching a support system powered by AI to provide instant, intelligent assistance to our users.

  • Full-Fledged DEX Launch: Rolling out the complete version of the DEX with advanced trading functions, optimized by AI for smarter, more efficient liquidity.

  • 1LBP Enhancements: Implementing new features such as a capped model for flexibility, a curation mechanism for quality, and AI-powered predictions for better launch outcomes.

  • Meme-Factory Debut: Introducing a creative space for users to easily launch and promote meme tokens, emphasizing fairness, market trends, and community engagement.

Phase Aphrodite: Advancing via Innovations, with AI at the Helm

  • AI Integration Across Platforms: Incorporating AI to enhance all walks of the platform, including trading decision-making, market insights, risk assessments and user experience.

  • Governance Module Introduction: Empowering the community with a voice in the platform's evolution through a transparent and inclusive governance structure.

  • Innovative AMM Models: Unveiling new Automated Market Maker (AMM) models to revolutionise liquidity provision and token swaps, tailored by AI for market dynamics.

  • User Protection Advances: Continuously improving security measures and support systems to safeguard user interests and foster trust.

Phase Hermes: Cultivating an Ecosystem, Making an Impact

  • Launch of the 1INTRO Ecosystem Fund: Establish a dedicated fund to financially support AI and Web3 innovators, encouraging the development of new applications and services on the 1Intro platform, and enriching the ecosystem with fresh ideas and innovative solutions.

  • Becoming Solana's #1 Community Hub: Our goal is to make 1INTRO the top community hub on Solana, providing a central place for innovators, investors, and developers to connect, learn, and collaborate on projects. We'll offer all support tailored to Solana's ecosystem, aiming to foster innovation and growth.

  • Investment in AI Research and Development: Commit more resources to the exploration and advancement of AI in a broader scope. This includes forming partnerships with academic institutions, supporting open-source AI research, and sponsoring AI-centric blockchain projects, all to push the boundaries of what's possible in smart finance.

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