Liquidity Providing

1DEX's adoption of the weighted pools AMM mechanism from Balancer marks a significant advancement in the DeFi space on Solana. It provides users with flexibility in managing their liquidity, enhancing their trading strategies, and optimizing their returns, all while contributing to a more efficient, diverse, and robust trading ecosystem.

About Liquidity Providing

Providing liquidity to 1DEX's weighted pools involves depositing a basket of tokens into a pool, according to its weight configuration. Liquidity providers benefit from trading fees proportional to their share of the pool, incentivizing the provision of liquidity to less common trading pairs and enhancing the overall market efficiency.

Pool Tokens

Upon providing liquidity to a weighted pool, liquidity providers receive pool tokens in return. These tokens represent a share of the pool's total assets and entitle the holder to a portion of the trading fees generated by the pool. Pool tokens can be freely traded, offering liquidity providers a liquid asset that reflects their investment in the pool.

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