Liquidity Lock-Up

Coming Soon

Looking Forward.

Stay tuned for the next version of 1INTRO, where we'll be introducing the Liquidity Lock-up feature.

The Liquidity Lock-up is a crucial feature set to be introduced in the next phase of 1INTRO, designed to enhance the security and stability of the platform for all participants. By employing a distinctive Post-LBP liquidity lock-up method, this feature aims to safeguard the interests of investors, project teams, and the broader community involved in the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP).

Key Aspects:

  • Enhanced Security: The liquidity lock-up mechanism prevents immediate selling after the LBP ends, reducing the risk of price volatility and Rug Pull, and ensuring a more stable market environment.

  • Confidence Building: By securing a portion of the liquidity generated during the LBP, this method instills confidence among participants, knowing that the project is committed to long-term success and stability.

  • Aligned Interests: It aligns the interests of project developers and investors by encouraging a focus on sustainable growth and value creation, rather than short-term gains.

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