INTRO is the governance token of 1INTRO, enabling active participation in both the protocol's governance and the allocation of incentives. Holders of this token have the power to engage in development within the 1INTRO platform and access incentives via a variety of yield opportunities.

Basic Information

  • INTRO Total supply: 1,000,000,000, 1 billion

  • Token Standard: SPL (Solana)

  • Contract address: inTCqHJaLAETUxvRZ2kC45G2sThq9BFWVimfaQw7t6w

Token Distribution

The initial total supply of INTRO is set at 1,000,000,000 (1 billion). Please refer to the token distribution diagrams shown below for detailed information:

Token Utilities

Governance Benefits

  • By staking INTRO, holders gain governance rights, allowing them to influence decision-making within the 1INTRO ecosystem.

  • Staking INTRO also qualifies holders for participation in 1LBP curation efforts.

  • Additional governance functionalities will become available as the project evolves.

Earning Opportunities

  • Earnings from 1INTRO Products: Stakers of INTRO receive a share of the revenues from various 1INTRO offerings, including but not limited to 1DEX, 1LBP, 1DEPLOY, and any future products.

  • Staking Rewards: Liquidity providers on 1DEX will be rewarded with INTRO tokens as extra incentives, and staking INTRO yields more token rewards. The APR increases based on the duration INTRO tokens are locked and includes bonus boosts.

  • $INTRO Buybacks: A percentage of fees collected from 1INTRO products is allocated to buy back and burn INTRO tokens.

Exclusive Access and Bonuses

  • Staker-Only Sales: Stakers of INTRO will have access to exclusive staker-only sales on verified LBPs. These sales will consist of a portion of the remaining tokens from a finished verified LBP at the average trading price with a discount.

  • 1LBP Participation Bonuses: By staking INTRO, holders qualify for bonuses when participating in verified 1LBPs, with the extra rewards based on the amount of unsold tokens after the conclusion of the LBP.


  • Please note that the designs of INTRO Tokenomics may be subject to changes in the future as the project evolves.

  • INTRO is not a share, ownership stake, or any form of financial interest in the Company, the Distributor, or any affiliated entities, and does not entitle holders to any profits, dividends, or investment returns. It is exclusively for use on the 1INTRO platform, providing no rights beyond enabling interactions within the 1INTRO Protocol.

  • The value of INTRO on secondary markets is not influenced by the 1INTRO team's efforts, and there are no mechanisms in place to affect its market price. The primary function of INTRO is to allow holders to vote and engage in the protocol's governance, including decisions on treasury use, rewards, new features, and future directions.

  • It's important to note that the community does not legally control the Company or any related entities, nor their assets, with such authority resting solely with the company's governing board.

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